Friday, January 05, 2018

Substitute teacher in Catholic school fired after being doxed for association with alt-right policy group

There has been an incident at a Catholic high school (The Academy of the Holy Cross, for girls) in Kensington, MD where a substitute teacher, Gregory Conte, was fired after he was doxed, outing him as a associated with the National Policy Institute, under the alias of Gregory Ritter.  The group is supposedly associated with the “alt-right”.

The lead story on WJLA7 in Washington in here.
Conte was not fired over social media or other self-published postings.  And the school is a private Catholic school, not a public school. Nevertheless, the story is a disturbing reminder of an incident in 2005 that happened with me (see July 27, 2007 post).

Conte's behavior would not have violated my own idea of "conflict of interest" as I have discussed it before because he did not have real permanent authority over students, to grade them.  His use of a pseudonym is also irrelevant;  he has only one "identity".  I have a nickname ("Bill" for "John William"); his was a language translation, still pretty obvious.  

I did find this Wordpress blog posting with a simple Google search, and what it claims is rather disturbing. But the post would appear to come from sources related to Antifa.  However, if a blog post like this was what doxed the teacher and led to his firing, that alone is disturbing, too. 

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