Saturday, January 27, 2018

George Soros "threatens" Google and Facebook in a Davos speech

George Soros made a remarkable speech in Davos, Switzerland, with Trump present, calling Google and Facebook (and other large companies that survived the Dot-com bubble, remember)  
While I appreciate his comments about how to handle North Korea, he goes way overboard in accusing.

 Facebook and Google for manipulating people who don’t have enough cognitive skill to realize they are being manipulated.  

“Against Crony Capitalism” even headlined its story about Soros’s speech making it a threat: “Their days are numbered”.   AC2 notes that Soros doesn’t like average people (me??) having their own voices.

The Guardian carried similar headlines, here
Soros was quite vocal after the financial crisis of 2008, calling for “better regulation” rather than just for more regulation. 

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