Saturday, January 20, 2018

Does the idea of a new constitution belong in our "Overton Window"?

I wanted to point of the blog of Ars Technica’s Timothy B. Lee (whom I met when living in Minneapoplis when he was an undergraduate there), particularly his recent article Jan. 19, “Our constitutional system is broken and we should fix it”, link here

 Indeed, there a numerous opinions maintaining that Trump’s presidency comports with a global trend toward authoritarianism, of politics by base and reparative expropriation.

Yes, a parliamentary system is easier to re-steer.  But Lee makes the important point that consideration of a new constitution needs to be placed in our “Overton Window”.  That can be dangerous, as I have pointed out in my books (the People’s Party in 1972), or encouraging (my “Bill of Rights 2” discussions and reviews of John Vile’s work on the constitutional amending process 

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