Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A childish president Trump again whines about American libel laws, given the Dossier controversy

Here Trump goes again, wanting to shake the nation’s libel laws, so that public figures and leaders with political bases to hold don’t face extra scrutiny when suing speakers of potentially defamatory statements, NBCNews story.

Libel laws are controlled in part by states, and there is no simple way Trump can do this.  NPR has a good discussion of the difference between US and UK libel laws for public figures, and also "Rachel's Law", as well as reforms in 2013 in the UK to reduce "libel tourism". 

Buzzfeed made a major update of its “dossier” today, with this post.  Buzzfeed apparently has been served withlitigation. Buzzfeed actually solicits confidential tips from readers on the story.   
Here’s the full dossier related to Christopher Steele  sure to make the movies soon.
And Trump is bee-stung by Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” bedtime talk book.  It looks like my copy from Amazon doesn’t arrive until Jan. 31.   There are mixed reports on the sales so far.

Theoretically, “President Poopiepants” (as a Facebook friend calls him) could sue me for libel for merely linking to the Dossier. 

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