Sunday, December 17, 2017

Twitter apparently will ban users with "affiliations" to violent groups, esp. neo-Nazis

There had been surprisingly little attention until maybe Friday about various reports that Twitter, starting Monday December 18 2017, will ban or at least suspend users with “affiliations” to groups that support violence against civilians, including foreign terrorists (ISIS) but especially domestic white supremacists or neo-Nazis.
The most obvious problem with the proposal would be pinning down what Twitter means by “affiliation”.  Some observers claim that Twitter will check the cookies of computers or phones that upload tweets to determined users who visit hate sites.  But this would require “hacking” and would be illegal except for sites actually hyperlinked from tweets.

What seems most reasonable is that Twitter wants to prohibit persons “working for” extremist groups from posting sanitized messages in order to recruit followers.
In the past, people have been banned from some kinds of employment because of associational membership, like in the Communist Party.  “Membership in” or support for foreign terrorist groups is a crime already, but the law seems less clear on domestic groups, even those connected to neo-Nazism.

The most objective piece seems to by Dave Morris Nov. 18, 2017 on Fortune.

Aja Romono is more whimsical on Vox about “banning the Nazis” here. 

Look at the attitude of “Wife with a Purpose” and her claims here
This piece in the Atlantic Aug. 31 “Distinguishingbetween Antifa, White Supremacists, and Black Lives Matter” seems pertinent. 

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