Friday, December 29, 2017

To get more exposure for your blogs, write less???

Tonight Ramsay Taplan, “Blogtyrant”, retweeted a controversial article from another source about how bloggers make a living at it, that is, “Why you need to stop writing content if you want to get traffic”, link here. The site is called “Amp my content” and the Twitter handle was called “ Inbound Ascension”.  Ramsay commented "This is real", probably especially for his very person-like cat.  

The underlying concept seems to be a “single short article” spread over multiple platforms that spread themselves.  There is this idea of “lead compounding.”

Still, this is an article of real world advice for people whose writing has to pay its own way and probably provide for other people, even if it has to be partisan.

The article gives one point of interesting advice: a site with a lot of weak content items will drag down the search engine ranking of the stronger items.  That could mean I should purge the weak or outdated or redundant items on the old "" site, finally. I need to keep all the reviews, major essays, and book texts.  Might happen in 1Q of 2018.  
I get annoyed at desperate attempts to get me to join other people’s campaigns, as if I didn’t have my own mind, but is that what “playing ball” really means? 

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Daniel Daines-Hutt said...

Hey Bill

My names Dan, and i wrote the article on AmpMyContent re: writing less that Ramsay retweeted

Thanks for bringing it up on your own blog- If you want to chat about this at any point, please let me know

Its hard to sometimes cover everything in a single post so if you have questions etc then please fire away!