Monday, December 25, 2017

Kialo: a website that sets up a template for "opposing viewpoints" debate

I found a site, Kialo, that aims at promulgating “opposing viewpoints” about a variety of issues.  It sets up pros and cons for issues and groups the arguments into fitted subcategories.  I signed up for it through Facebook, and made the following sub-pro argument on “network neutrality”. 

"There is precedence for regulating large public "facilities" as "utilities": that is, power and phone companies. It matters whether there is competition. Is website access a "utility"? True, over time the Internet could be balkanized as websites convert to favored "apps" (as in mobile world now). ISP's must be expected to leave normal http(s) access to lawful websites alone."

Some of the debate topics are challenging or point toward some real confrontations in the culture wars/.  For example, should all confederate statues be removed from public spaces, or should gender-specific bathrooms be eliminated.


I had proposed developing such a scheme myself  (see Feb. 29, 2012).  I had particularly thought about it in the mid 2000’s, before Facebook and Twitter blossomed. 

Update: Dec 26

The "claim" was deleted.  Apparently it was not a clear pro or con statement (it is in the middle between the two) that could fit into their debate stream.  I'll have to figure out what they consider acceptable claims. 

I see that there is a panel on compulsory military and/or national service.  I'll look into this later. 

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