Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Congress says it want to look into Internet addiction (including Trump's); Facebook offers tool to determine if the Russians punked your account

Tonight ABC News reported that Congress is looking at whether some tech companies, especially game providers, are deliberately trying to “addict” consumers to tube time and associated social media, video story here

The story mentioned clinics which treat Internet addiction, which are even more common in South Korea and even China.

Facebook (under /help) offers a tool that indicates whether a user was befriended by a fake account (usually from Russia).  My check did not show one.  However, I recall a few bizarre foreign accounts which were added quickly in late 2016 and which all suddenly disappeared in the late summer of 2017.  I’ve also reported one threatening message, only one, a few months ago in bad English (maybe spam), and reported one account that was fake.  Another account constantly kept sending messages about wanting help getting into the country (a real no-no today with Trump) but then his account got deleted.  I did report one account as fake in June.  And finally, a fake profile of me was put up about eight months ago and caught by another friend, and Facebook removed it before I even knew about it.

The tool is not available on mobile devices. 

I talk about spam mainly on my Internet safety blog, but some of it is so laughable that I can’t believe people still fall for it.  

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