Thursday, December 14, 2017

Blogtyrant suggests website owners get ratings for carbon neutrality

Ramsay Taplan has a new piece, “How to Make your Website Carbon Neutral”  He refers to the CO2NeutralWebsite which will give every website (I guess that means independently hosted Wordpress blog) a grade on its carbon imprint and have the website audited by an accounting firm.
It is interesting to note that cloud processing is said to consume more energy that paper;  but cloud processing also disperses backup data, which may be a good antidote to threats to Internet architecture (like rogue EMP). 

Websites leave a footprint based on load time and time of visit. 


But what strikes me is that personal lifestyles have a lot to do with carbon imprint.  It is true, that functioning well in a social unit (family) is more efficient for the planet than doing things alone, although the way my own life has gone I could not live up to that. I drive places alone (and rent cars when I fly) a lot.  Electric-only cars don't have enough range yet.  Does the travel that supports my website content count in its carbon rating? 

Here's a mischievious thought about today's 3-2 "loss" in the FCC on net neutrality -- not carbon neutrality.  I've already speculated that in the future telecom companies could limit website access by safety ratings or by requiring https everywhere.  Now I wonder about a carbon rating with this concept. 

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