Tuesday, November 21, 2017

When is it "OK" to write your own memoir? What if it is really a "manifesto"?

Recently I’ve seen a few articles on why you should write your memoir, even if it isn’t going to sell.
This particular article explains the difference between autobiography and memoir. 

The memoir is more about key life periods and feelings about it.  Maybe a distinction without a difference.

Is this an exercise in personal self-indulgence, wanting to be heard if you are to be of service?

That sounds like we need a distinction between a memoir and a "manifesto", which has become a bad word. (Elliot Roger, Kaczynski).  The former's ("My Twisted Life"), particularly, seems to say mixed race kept him from having his own sexual capital, so he went off the deep end.   

I have to say that three DADT books are all part memoir, especially 1 and 3.  And many amateurish novels turn out to be overly autobiographical, although I’m gradually trying to wean myself of that with my own manuscripts. But readers kindly called my DADT-1 book "The Manifesto". 

By the way, I can’t believe he bald tone of the email I just got, “because you have been identified as a supporter of President Trump…”  Sounds like a hit list. 

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