Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sociology professor gets students to assess their own level of privilege

Professor Dae Elliott, who teaches sociology at San Diego State University, offers her students credit for taking a quiz analyzing their privilege, as explained here in the New York Post. 

It’s not so clear if non-white students take the quiz.

If the purpose the quiz is to perpetuate identity politics and the emphasis on group oppression, or the pimping of victimization, then it would seem to further the bubble world of speech codes and trigger warnings on some campuses.

But it encourages the student to look at his or her individual karma and perhaps make some amends for it, it could promote justice.  Even so, overemphasizing “right-sizing” can be an invitation to authoritarianism (either on the right or left, with differences on whether there are pretenses of equality).  To remain free, people have to reach out of their personal bubbles out of their own volition (“willingly” as my mother would have said) and lift others up, without having to keep score.  It is hard to practice what you preach.  

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