Friday, September 01, 2017

OK, let the radical Left tell its side of the story

Here is an interview on Vox by Sean Illing of Vox with Daryle Jenkins, “meet antifa’s self-appointed spokesperson”. 

He says most of his activity is non-physical.  But he does talk about doxing (and about being doxed). He “names names” of White supremacists to employers and to others who would want to know. He talks of himself as a journalist.  The press does identify people charged with crimes;  as a blogger, I generally don’t name obscure people associated with bad behavior to search engines unless there is a court conviction or overwhelming evidence.  

But it seems that some (alt-right) groups have to be stopped, or to be shown they are not credible or deserve to be on the stage, he implied.

Truth-out claims that Antifa organized assistance in Houston  but others claim “left wing activists” are misrepresenting their calls for charitable assistance. 

Mark Karlin on Truth-out interviews Charles Derber on “universalizing politics” along with resistance and revolution (and probably eventual coercive expropriation). 

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