Friday, September 15, 2017

Facebook still gets doxed for its accidental attraction of hate group ads

Facbook continues to get hammered about the way its algorithms attracted ads now normally associated with hate speech, as in this story from a San Diego newspaper. 

What’s disturbing is how the fake news and ad storms targeted people living in their own bubbles of group resentment (especially, it seems, on the alt-right), while people who see themselves as intellectually sophisticated and libertarian or classically liberal didn’t notice what was going on. 
Again, people don’t have a lot of contact outside their own circles of cognition.

Here’s Mark Miller’s article on Antifa in the Washington Post today, where the view that stopping fascism takes precedence over free speech is advanced by some, even if that simply invites more reaction from the right.  For both sides, it’s about powerlessness, being left out, and being ignored personally by the “elites” – the politics of personal resentment.
The statute removals continue, the latest from Lee Park in Dallas, where we used to have Easter Sunday concerts in the 80s when I lived there. 

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