Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Facebook criticized for hate speech standards, impeding some journalism on personal accounts

Facebook is inconsistent in the way it patrols hate speech, according to a Washington Post story Tuesday August 1, 2017, frontpage, in the Washington Post, by Tracy Jan and Elizabeth Dwoskin, link .

 Facebook seems more likely to remove a post that refers to identity groups as such, rather than criticizes individuals.  It also seems more likely to remove posts from personal accounts than from official accounts of companies and organizations.  There have been instances where posts have been removed (especially from personal accounts) when they quoted another offensive post for journalistic purposes. This gets into "implicit content" territory.  It also fits the idea that personal Friending accounts are really supposed to be for that purpose, not for journalism or blogging per se. 

There have been suspensions of accounts, that get called “Facebook jail”. Maybe it’s like Monopoly jail.
One third of the world’s population now logs on to Facebook.  Zuckerberg, 33, is trying to shift from “connection” to “community building”. 

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