Sunday, July 30, 2017

Entrepreneurs, paywalls, self-starters, and preppers

Here’s an idea for Shark Tank.  Since more city newspapers want to charge through paywalls for content, why not set up a collective subscription system that newspapers could join, to collect fees from consumers who would join and get various plans, so many articles per month, to unlimited, rather like a utility bill.  This would be a content access mechanism, but I don’t think it would relate to any changes in net neutrality.

Facebook might do this for its own news feeds.  But it seems logical that an entrepreneur could do it for general web use.

So, you ask, why don’t I do it?  I’m am a “journalist”, but I don’t go around asking people for money.  But that’s a good question.

Look at Thomas Friedman’s recent New York Times   “Self-driving people, enabled by Airbnb”.   Given the way I’ve lived my life, in segments and sometimes as a “double life”, I’ve never been much for the sharing economy.  “Collections held him”, so go the lyrics to one of the “art songs” behind the miniature piano pieces that build up this large episodic symphony I worked out for the use.
Those who do Airbnb may be better prepared to house others in catastrophic need situations, ranging from refugees and asylum seekers to total national catastrophes.  They could come.  Pay attention to the DPRK. 

Update: July 31

Another idea would be to set up a charity distribution product to connect to banks, and still be able to connect to matching donation efforts, which is very time consuming process right now.  That is, make more direct giving a more streamlined and less time-consuming process for the donor. 

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