Saturday, July 08, 2017

Could Facebook provide 3rd-party charity supervision of contributions among "Friends" (especially overseas)

Just a note on Facebook etiquette or expectations.

Does confirming a Friend request mean that one should be opening to “helping out” anyone in trouble (foreign or domestic)?  Yup, obviously you have to worry about the scams, but some pleas are more credible than others.  There seems to be an expectation that, for example, that people will hire friends looking for work or help them find work, including people overseas.

And on that point, it’s not as easy for people to get work visas and enter legally as it used to be, given the political climate and Trump.  Yet, among some people, there is a culture of doing things under the table or off the books

I’ve used Facebook as a quick publishing platform.  I haven’t gotten the “followers” in place of “Friends” which would clarify things.  But some people think, if you weigh in on things, you need to have your own skin in the game, and be supporting other people.  That was a big topic in my own (mildly Milo-esque) DADT-III book (“being listened to is a privilege”).

I think Facebook could consider doing more to hookup people in need with certain kinds of charities that make cash gifts (particularly overseas) directly (“Give Direct”), that Vox has written about. The third-party charities could provide some sort of supervision to avoid scams.

Again, I’ve talked about going back to work at age 74.  I would help Facebook do this.

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