Thursday, July 06, 2017

CNN-Reddit-alt-right dox-gate (with Trump acting as WWE)

Here’s a Vox story about how some on the alt-right retaliated against a CNN journalist for his coy handling of withholding the identity of the person who created the WWE gif that Trump used as a phantom metaphorical swat against CNN.  It’s by Garet Williams, here. Of course, you can turn this whole thing around and say that CNN threatened to dox the Reddit user, as Milo Yiannopoulos writes.

It’s all pretty scary.  A news network threatens to dox an ordinary user for creating a image that, by a stretch, could be interpreted as a “threat” against journalists, when it more properly belongs on NBC’s SNL.  Then someone one the political opposition of the network (this time, someone on the alt-right) threatens to dox (or at least reports the doxing and targeting) the news network reporter.

I suppose I could get caught up in something like this.  In fact, as I’ve covered before, I did when I was substitute teaching. 

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