Saturday, July 15, 2017

Amazon "panics" some bloggers with changes in its affiliate system

The Verge (a Vox site) has a story about Amazon’s affiliate system, which I use to post links for books and movies on my own blogs.  Apparently there has been a reduction in the rate for some links, while giving a premium for some others, like video games and “luxury beauty”.  It seems rather amusing that the story says that some bloggers are “panicking”.  In fact, Blogtyrant doesn’t think a lot of depending on ads in blogs, but would rather see Bloggers provide subscription content or services to customers – but that’s only possible with narrow niche businesses  (like coaching chess players on endgame play).

Amazon has announced it is ending its "aStore" in October and has said, on my account, that my "pending associate invitations" for my "store" have expired.  That's a little odd, as I really don't spend significant time in retail activities because I leave that to them!
It’s a little disturbing to see online platforms wanting bloggers to pimp self-indulgent products.

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