Thursday, June 15, 2017

Visit EFF's rebuilt page on Section 230; new threat regarding fake news liability in CA

Electronic Frontier Foundation has recently reorganized its own website, so it isn’t always possible to tell right away which stories are the most urgent.

But EFF still has an instructive page on CDA230, Section 230 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act (popularly known as the Communications Decency Act, the censorship sections of which were struck down by the Supreme Court in 1997), which shields social media companies from most downstream liability for what their users do, and precludes the necessity for pre-screening.  Section 230 gets discussed in the new handbook “The Permissions Guide Through the Legal Jungle”, which I will review soon on Wordpress.

Note particularly the essay by Aaron Mackey on attempts to hold Twitter responsible for the recruiting activities of terrorists.

I’ve included a video today about efforts to undermine Section 230 in California with regard to fake news, a more recent concern.  Fake news could be related, of course, to defamation.

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