Saturday, June 10, 2017

There is no double life

Here’s a piece on basic ethics by Mike Monteiro, on “Dear Design Student”, “Ethics can’t be a side hustle”, link.  Blogtyrant Ramsay Raplan recently referred to it, saying every blog should help someone, and I’ll take this up on Wordpress soon.

Here Monteiro is saying it matters how you make a living and earn your reputation;  occasional volunteer work doesn’t repair bad karma. There is no double life anymore.

Charles Murray’s interview for Intellectual Takeout, by John Mitimore, on Trump, the Middlebury unrest, and America’s greatest threat.  Murray does say that social media has inadvertently contributed to the polarization of less-educated voters by aggregation (and fake news), and that critical thinking is lacking.

Yet critical thinking (or its self-dissemination) doesn’t directly help someone in need or make others matter more.  Murray’s advice somewhat is paradoxical given his call for more eusociality in his 2012 book “Coming Apart”.

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