Monday, June 26, 2017

CNN withdraws story implicating Trump connection to Russia

ABC affiliate WJLA-7 in Washington DC ran a story from Sinclair Broadcasting (the moderately conservative media company in Baltimore owning WJLA) reporting that CNN removed a story linking a news story by Thomas Frank linking the Trump campaign to a Russian adviser.  The WJLA link is here  and gives a link to a Google cache of the story (which worked last night). It is possible for CNN to ask Google to remove the cache if it wants.

Buzzfeed also has an account here.

It is very unusual for a major news network to remove a story like this.

I suppose that it is conceivable, although in practice very unlikely, that other sites that link to cached removed stories can become liable for defamation.  It all sounds pretty silly.  The big boys and grownups have to be accountable for what they do.

Sinclair has sponsored some important stories on national security (especially of the power grid);  it has generally seemed favorable to LGBTQ equality issues.

Update: June 30

The Washington Times offers an op-ed about the "Sullivan Rule" and the CNN incident here.

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