Monday, May 22, 2017

Ivanka Trump host dad's Twitter forum on countering extremism; alt-right leader kicked out of gym for conduct of other members

President Donald Trump promised to host a Twitter forum while in Saudi Arabia on how to combat terrorism or terror recruiting specially among young adults.

CBS News reports that this forum was conducted largely by daughter Ivanka and was rather ligh level and general.

This is certainly a cry from calls at the end of 2015 that much of the social media world should be shut down to stop terror recruiting, which was out of control then, an abrupt turnaround form the Arab Spring a few years before.

Also alt-right figure Richard Spencer had a membership canceled at Sport and Health in Old Town Alexandria after a female Georgetown University professor confronted him.  Although the gym is a private organization, it seems that it terminated the membership because of complaints of other members just about his presence, story.

BuzzFeed has the juicier links on this incident.
Would Milo encounter the same fate?

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