Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Actor quits social media over death threats based on character he plays

Some actors who play controversial characters in films or fantasy TV series get lots of harassment on social media for the characters they play, from fans who don’t honor the difference between a character and the character who plays him.

Josh McDermitt said he was quitting Facebook, Twitter and Instagram after receiving death threats for the actions of his character Eugene on the AMC Show “The Walking Dead”.  (Maybe that’s “The Walkin’ Dude” from Stephen King’s “The Stand”).

He put one video on Facebook Live (which, ironically, is now adding 3000 screeners to take down violent content) to make his point and say he would call police about threats, before signing off.

The Refinery29 story is here.   MSN carried the story today on its home page.

Actors and other celebrities (as in music) vary widely in how they deal with fans and followers in social media.  But some will answer tweets or Facebook posts that they believe are constructive and stand out in the crowd.  The trend for some not to want to be replied to unless they follow you seems to be abating.

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