Thursday, April 27, 2017

US drops to 43rd place in press freedom under Trump

Trump’s attacks on major news outlets (other than conservative ones) has resulted in the United States dropping to 43rd in press freedom, according to a Washington Post Style section article today by Paul Fahri, link.

Trump has called journalists “dishonest” and parasitic, people who act as watchers and don’t play ball or compete.  But he’s wrong in thinking that journalists don’t put their skin in the game.  Look at Bob Woodruff.  And Anderson Cooper started out by paying his dues overseas as a young man and literally waded in the flood waters of Hurricane Rita as the 2008 fiscal crisis suddenly exploded in his home team city.

To the surprise of some of us, Trump seems more hospitable to amateur journalists and bloggers (maybe even me) and to younger journalists in smaller networks like OAN. He actually has read a couple of my tweets to “Real Donald Trump” (like about North Korea).

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