Thursday, March 23, 2017

Trump's presidency shows particular disdain for "losers", just like I have sometimes

Philip Kennicott has a provocative column in the Washington Post Style section Sunday, “Budget is not an attack on the arts”, link.

Kennicott, art and architecture critic, maintains that it is symbolic of Trump’s disdain for “losers”, to want to satisfy the urge in some people for upward affiliation, to play on a first-place team, or to have a lover that is “the best anyone could do.”  You used to hear that in the gay male community, and among straight college men.  It’s part of body fascism.
It’s this desire to make it on your own, to turn away from having to join goals that actually help peopke who are less intact and need more personal attention.

By the way, Trump just demonstrated his "winner take all" attitude by giving his own "party" an ultimatum on doing the AHCA vocte tomorrow in the House.

Trump called the Democrats losers after the Ryancare American Health Care Act went down in flames Friday March 24, .here

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