Thursday, February 16, 2017

How generating fake news (for Donald Trump) on line generates eastern European teenagers plenty of spending money

Here’s another fake news operation to ponder, a Wired story, heavily illustrated with industrial Balkan scenery, “Inside the Macedonian Fake-News Complex,” by Samanth Subramanian 
Before getting into the aggregated fake news business, the teenager played around with consumer-fad items like health foods.  I guess I,m naïve;  I don’t engage Facebook ads (except by accident), but many consumers are much more eager to, especially the kind to Trump’s mass movement manipulation.  I do have a problem with accidental clicks on mobile devices because it’s hard to avoid them when browsing. Particularly annoying are sites (“the 20 lowest cost of living cities…”) that make you load fresh pages of ads on your phone to see the next item (and I get a lot of emails asking to put these up on my own blogs). 
The Liam Stack writes in Business Day about how 20th Century Fox created fake news sites to promote “A Cure for Wellness”, which I have not seen yet. 


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