Sunday, February 19, 2017

Facebook's Journalism Project, and its increased efforts against terror propaganda

Fidji Simo has introduced The Facebook Journalism Project on the company’s own corporate blog, here.

Along these lines, Facebook says it has training courses for journalists.  Perhaps these echo Poynter.

 In general they would seem to focus particularly on reporting local news.

I can see how a Facebook page can be an effective blog with followers and comments, but I would prefer getting more statistics on visitors (you get them if you buy a marketing campaign, $50 per event when I did it).

Facebook also says it is working harder on exposing hoaxes and fake news.

And Steve Overly reports that Facebook plans to use artificial intelligence to identify terrorist recruiting propaganda.  Earlier CNN had reported expanded use of digital watermarks to look for specific images associated with terror (and child pornography) by Facebook and Twitter.

Excerpts from Mark Zuckerberg’s recent “missive” on his plans for Facebook are presented by the AP and Washington Post here.

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