Monday, February 20, 2017

Catastrophic President's Day for Milo Yiannopoulos; was this a "hit"?

The Milo Yiannopoulos saga exploded today – while I was on the road like Jack Kerouac.  When I sat down for a burger lunch (not vegan), my phone was filled with stories about Milo.  It started with CPAC’s disinvite.  That alone was enough. It was all from a podcast from “The Drunken Peasants”  whom I have never heard of., leaked by “The Reagan Battalion.”  Sounds like the old “released thru United Artists”.

The New York Times (Jeremy Peters, Alexandra Alter, Michael M. Grynbaum)  analyzes Milo’s rationalizations unfavorably here. I do have my own feelings about his handling of the age of consent issue, and of the idea that some men mature faster than others and that younger men often want to use sex for power and money from older men.  It’s come up in my own writing (when I worked as a sub – July 27, 2007) but it’s too much to analyzes right now.

Yiannopoulos has lost his book deal with Simon & Shuster / Threshold.  I suppose he will self-publish “Dangerours”, or at least I hope so.  I encouraged him to do so with a Facebook comment.
But he might not be able to stay at Breitbart.

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