Monday, January 23, 2017

Klein, Sullivan tee off on "blogging" v. "social media"

Back in early 2015, Ezra Klein of Vox and Andrew Sullivan wrote pieces comparing conventional blogging with modern social media.

Klein  and Sullivan  set up a reflexive loop.

Blogging was seen as an online conversation (if it attracts comments) that draws loyal readers who will remember a particular column or thread as if it were a “brand”.  Social media does the news curation and aggregation, often with seasoning by sponsored content.

But of course both may tend to preach to their own choirs.  And social media may finally impose some discipline on blogging by evaluating it for fake news.

I can remember back in 2004 an article “the coming crackdown on blogging” as threatened by the Campaign Finance Reform act of 2002.  It blew over.

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