Friday, January 20, 2017

"A Tale of Two Washingtons" as Trump becomes president

Trey Yingst, of OAN News now, has shot an 8-minute video of the protests in Washington DC.
Here is the best link is either my timeline on Facebook here  or Trey’s official professional Facebook page here.   Keep in mind that with time these posts get pushed down the FIFO stack by newer entries.  I could informally call this a “Do Ask Do Tell Films” release.

Yup, I’ve got to get my own video skills up, as I have a few to make soon, as I outlined Dec. 31.

I stayed home because I thought it would be easier to watch Trump’s speech (see my “Major Issues Blog”)  Around 2:15 or so, NBC4 and WJLA7 started showing protests in downtown Washington DC, in an area from 14th and K (Franklin Park, near McPherson Square) to about 12th and I, just north of Metro Center.  I saw Capitol Police in the video, but DC police and possibly Metro Transit Police would have been needed.

One protestor had a sign protesting Israeli settlements on the West Bank, and, yes, it’s morally wrong to take land from other people by force.

As of 5:45 PM there are still reports of disruption.  This sort of thing could cause Trump to start behaving more like a strong-man, I fear.

To quote Trump: "We are transferring power and giving it back to you, the people."

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