Saturday, December 31, 2016

Moving on to the next big steps, in 2017: five tasks to complete, and then maybe a relocation

I wanted to lay out my “content” priorities for 2017.

First, I’ve been looking at ways I can indeed “give back” more than I have.  One issue I’ve looked at is (LGBTQ) asylum seekers.  It’s all very inconclusive.  In a number of areas volunteer agencies to communicate a sense of “duty” but are not very transparent about it.  You have to “belong” to the “group” and experience some relationism – a willingness to let people into your life who could become dependent, and give up some unencumbered-ness. .  (I won’t get into a speculative distinction between “relationism” and “relationalism” right now.)

I also want to make a move toward selling my screenplay “Epiphany” based on the three DADT books, and the novel “Angel’s Brother”.  To be able to do this, travel (long distances, by air and even internationally) has to get a lot easier.  Some of that means better mastery of some technology do deal with security issues, but it would also help if my residential circumstances were simpler.  An old house can take a lot of time and present unpredictable disruptions, especially just before travel.  A modern high rise apartment could simplify a lot of things for me.  So that could mean sale (for a teardown probably) and moving.  I have some interest in living in New York again (but most of Manhattan is unaffordable), but the practicality could mean staging things and being in a modern place near Dulles airport to simplify travel (for one year, then move again).  That’s one idea.  It (the first phase) could happen by the middle of 2017.  The entire process would take about three months from the time I committed myself. But once I started, I would not have time for much else until done. In the past, when I have anticipated moves to happen in the next year, they have tended to happen within 6-9 months.  One possible scenario could mean eventual relocation west (like Austin, or maybe Las Vegas, for access to California.  It sounds like free agent time.

But there are five “content-oriented” tasks that I need to put to bed first.

(1) Finish a series of (Wordpress) postings on the “right-sizing” issue (at least three more). These will be substantial.

(2) Complete some more analysis of the “loose ends” in my novel plot, and especially how the novel relates to two older manuscripts that I have.  These older manuscripts are “Tribunal and Rapture”, an “Armageddon” story told from the viewpoint of an aging retired FBI agent, who encounters “Bill” and his cohorts on a nationwide odyssey. “Angel’s Brothers”, on the other hand, is told from the viewpoint of a middle-aged gay CIA agent with a straight family, and his gifted college student boyfriend, who has stumbled into the real secrets.  “Tribunal and Rapture” was apparently started in mid 1999, and a first draft completed by early 2001. But “Tribunal and Rapture” has it’s own prequel, “Rain on the Snow”, apparently written in 2000. That novel is centered on “Bill’s” experienced being trained as a civilian reservist after losing his regular job, at a secret facility in West Texas.  He discovers the “plot” and winds up in jail after a false accusation.  That novel was expanded with an extended prequel of its own with other characters in 2003-2004.  The entire set up could be used to build a movie “franchise” and I will set up some new materials on Wordpress to show how his could be done, even after I am “gone”.

(3) Complete some more drafts of my music, especially the Sonatas 2 and 3.  (The miniatures are essentially done now.) But I need to do more work on the “last pivot” on the coda of the Sonata 3 (about 8 more measures, but critical), and some of the repetitious harmonic patterns in certain developmental passages (one in particular that is repeated twice) in Sonata 2, which I may do with a cut and past on a hand original from 1960 (after making a good photocopy). PDF’s of this sheet music exist now.

(4) Tie loose ends in the screenplays, especially “Epiphany”, “Titanium”, and maybe “69 Minutes to Titan”.
(5) Make and edit videos of my explaining my take on (a) why homophobia was the way it was in the past, and (b) what I would say as the “State of the Union” were I in Trump’s shoes.  I want do beef up my skills with FinalCut Pro, and do a better job of the photo (even selfie) mixing it with location photos and some other videos.  I have a GoPro for this, but it isn’t working out that well, may need a different kind of videocam.

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