Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump's election makes the political scientists look at political correctness and identity politics as an area for technical study

Here are a couple more articles on the problems of “political correctness” and “identity politics”.

Scientific American, in a piece, “The Personality of Political Correctness”, by Scott Barry Kaufman, gives the reader a couple of quizzes to identify “egalitarian political correctness” vs. “authoritarian political correctness”.   Egalitarians believe that discourse has to be adjusted to fairly manipulate the perception of suspect classes (hence the world of “trigger warnings” on campuses). Authoritarians need ratification of “how things were meant to be”, as my own mother used to say.

Mark Lilla describes “The End of Identity Liberarlism” for the New York Times.  Call it the end of identity politics, being asked to view people differently based on the groups they belong to,

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