Sunday, November 06, 2016

Social media "influencers"

No, I don’t get hired to pimp one particular line of consumer goods.  But a whole class of bloggers (whom Blogtyrant would admire) do so, according to a front page story by Sarah Halzack in the Washington Post Thursday, November 3, “How social media became a money press for ‘influencers”.  The marketing follows Instagram and even Sanpchat chains (even though Snapchat posts don’t stay up).

Sales professionals (like Fredrik Eklund in “The Sell”, books, May 26, 2015) have said before that Instagram is more useful than Facebook and Twitter, and many of people are reached on Snapchat..

I do get review copy books and films to be reviewed all the time, however, so I am on the fringe of what Halzack sees as a consumer “influencer.”  For better or worse, I am more of a political influencer.

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