Saturday, November 26, 2016

"KYAnonymous" hacker could get more prison time that the rape victims of the crime he exposed (from "conservative" media sources)

Some more conservative members of my Facebook community are reporting on a justice anomaly reported by Russia Today.
Am (Anonymous) "hacker", Deric Lostutter, who plead guilty in federal court in Kentucky to one count conspiracy and one count of making false statements for hacking into a student fan website to expose a rape of an unconscious girl may face more prison time than the rapists, who were apparently sentences as juveniles.  The link is here.   RT has been criticized during the recent “fake news” flap, but I have often used their YouTube videos and most of their stories seem pretty credible.   The IBTimes carries the same story.
The Washington Times, a conservative newspaper site considered credible in the mainstream, has details here.

But a Lexington KY television station covers the story about the very recent guilty plea (originally NG) by "KYAnonynous" for the hacking incident here
There is a “” site which he did not set up but which seems to be set up to expose him.  The naming of a site after him, by a third party, sounds like trademark infringement to me. It's a kind of anti-fan site. 

Rolling Stone, which edged near the fake news area with the UVa rape fiasco, has a story about the defendant here
Just a little exposure to this story makes the “fake news” whining from the Left about the election seem strident.  It’s not as fake as the Left thinks. 

Note the 2013 interview with Lostutter by CNN above, where there is a claim of a Fourth Amendment violation, and where Lostutter talks about “weaponizing the media”.  Indeed. 

Wikipedia attribution link for downtown Lexington picture under CCSA 3,0   I was last there in late 1975. 

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