Sunday, November 27, 2016

Houston Fox anchor fired after her own personal conservative Facebook post

A news presenter in Houston, Scarlett Fakhar, has been fired from Fox 26 in Houston for expressing her own opinions on her own Facebook page, which are said to contradict her responsibility for being objective in public as a journalist.  Here's the NY Daily News story,

The comments apparently had blamed Obama’s presidency for allowing racial tensions to increase (as with Ferguson and BLM).

Here comments on her Fox fan page seem out of touch.  Would Fox delete the conservative comments?  This is Fox, after all.

Her personal page seems now to have been removed. "Heavy" has some more detailed news.
This does sound like the “conflict of interest” page I have often written about.  There can indeed be situations where work precludes expression of personal views even on personal web pages in public mode.  This issue started to surface around 2001 with “employee blogging policies” in some places (even before modern social media had been invented, a development which would take the spotlight off older blogging sites).  Mommy blogger Heather Armstrong became famous after being fired (“dooced”) over her blog in 2002.

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