Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Facebook's plan on fake news attracts criticism and even "fear"; Buzzfeed shows how to report fake news now; a job for me?

Facebook’s plan to clamp down on fake news is already attracting criticism, as in this Bloomberg article.

The company could hire third party contractors or even independent contractors to fact check some items.  It’s even believable that something like that could become a job opportunity for me.

But the big problem will be the “gray areas” with kernels of truth.  Or maybe postings where the user editorializes into gray areas.  Another issue would be how links to amateur blogs would be checked.

 Some of mine expand automatically, and some don’t.  Still another is YouTube video expansions that make questionable claims, or that are from sources considered extremist or biased or “doomsday”.

Buzzfeed has a helpful post on how users can “report” suspicious stories even now.

USA Today's story mentions "third party verification".  I wonder how that would work for posting.

Mark Zuckerberg's own post on Nov. 19 is here.

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