Tuesday, November 15, 2016

DC television station presents warnings story about parental responsibility for child's Internet use

WJLA’s “7 On You Side” feature in Washington FC reports on parental liability for a child’s use of social media accounts or other cellular or conventional Internet connections.

A child, with an iPad or tablet. ran up $13000 in debt on a Google Play account through a combination of circumstances that led to the sudden credit card charges not being declined as they usually should have been.  It appears that finally the debt will be waived.  
Before (Oct. 24) I’ve noted the possibility of downstream liability if others in one’s household (even a boarder or roommate) misuse one’s broadband Internet connection, for copyright infringement (usually through P2P), promotion of terror or even child pornography.  It’s also possible (although rare – there have been arrests in New York State and Florida with eventual dropping of charges) for liability to happen for “drive-by” use outside, which is one reason why home routers should use the highest security settings.  Presumptive responsibility starts with the owner of an account with a router.

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