Saturday, November 12, 2016

David Brooks applies Rosenfels polarity theory to political movements

David Brooks has “gone Rosenfels” so to speak with his analysis of the political climate in the country in explaining Donald Trump’s shocking (but now more understandable) upset of the Electoral vote in the presidential election.

“The View from Trump Tower” presents the Republicans now as “individualist, closed” and the Democrats as “social, closed”.  He wants a progressive party that is “social open” but the Libertarian party would be described as “individual, open”.   Brooks thinks that the Democratic party will stumble into its own kind of racism out of identity politics, trigger warnings, and political correctness.

But the “closed” polity marker would hint at the idea of localism, tribalism, of people being expected to learn to “take care of their own” before interacting outside of their own groups (April 30).

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