Monday, October 31, 2016

Facebook "DDOS" set up to confound police disruption of pipeline at Standing Rock reservation, ND

I saw a curious plea to join a demonstration online on Facebook, as a kind of virtual “denial of service” to prevent sheriff’s department officers to use Facebook to see who is protesting at the Standing Rock, N.D. pipeline site.  The link on Snopes is here.

My reaction was to give the link in my own timeline, rather than cut-and-paste and pretend I was doing something I’m not.  I wondered if virtual protests could be a TOS violation.  Probably not. But the idea that the police depend on Facebook to disrupt the protests sounds facetious.

I don’t break the law to protest things – yet at one time I was willing to break sodomy laws.

I don’t join these mass movements, and the verdict is up in the air for me whether we “need” the pipeline or not.  We probably do.  But we need to get on to renewable energy sources much more quickly.

Wikipedia has consolidated all the information about the protests here.

CNN weighs in on the Facebook sit-in here. Vox weighs in also about the "viral check-in".
Wikipedia attribution link for Cannon Ball ND picture

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