Friday, September 23, 2016

Whoops? Donald Trump?

I got a US mail ad from Donald Trump that is so hysterical that I thought it was a joke.  I included a bumper sticker.

My even posting this on a blog with ads might technically violate the campaign finance reform law back in early 2002, which created a lot of controversy in 2005 as an existential threat to blogging before it blew over.

Trump thinks he can “sell” his vote with his personalized “Stop Crooked Hillary Pledge” and by using his last name as a brand in such bombastic fashion.

I’m not impressed by aggressive sales tactics (which I see on email all the time, including hysterical emails from the Democratic Party too).

I can remember being asked in a screening interview (when New York Life wanted to consider me to become an agent in 2005), “would you buy products or services from a salesman?”  Not very often  Use Amazon.

I do understand attention-getting.  I had a habit of interrupting people in grade school, that I still remember, and it seems out of character now.  Introversion and extroversion are more nuanced than most psychologists think.
Trump thinks it is a great privilege to ride on his campaign plane and to get your photo with him. What a parody of what George Gilder calls "upward affiliation". 

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