Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Vox Media welcomes "non press" submissions on critical, undercovered topics (like power grid security)

Vox Media has created a new section on its website called “The Big Idea” and seems to be welcoming submissions from those other than “press establishment” journalists, story by Dylan Matthews here.

There is already an article by astrophysicist Lucianne Walcowicz on the threat to the power grids and particularly the Internet from solar storms (which I’ll cover soon on Wordpress).

Vox seems to be seeking articles with factual information from people doing the work – especially in areas like deep science and medicine.  I can imagine the list of insufficiently (or inaccurately) covered critical topics, ranging from power grid security to population demographics, to artificial intelligence, to revolutionary medicine.  I think legal and political discussion of some of the ideas regarding downstream liability on the Internet go there, too.   Maybe animals “people-like” or even distributed intelligence (like that of the orca), or real evidence of alien life belongs there.
Ten years ago, the debate on “don’t ask don’t tell” would have belonged.  Don’t assume it can never come back (particularly if Trump could win).

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