Monday, August 22, 2016

"Noahpinion" shows how to make blogging work and attract good comments

There are some real “Blogspot” blogs that draw lots of visitors and comments.  Such is the case with “Noahpinion” by Bloomberg writer and economist Noah Smith (“Economics, neologisms, and distractions from productive activity”).  I’ll give the direct link to a July 21 post, “Trump happened because conservatism failed

Noahpinion splits his Venn diagram of conservatism into three parts (like “A Film in Three Parts” or “Symphony in Three Movements”): economics, foreign, and social.  The Republican establishment has failed in all three parts, but on the social side, most people today want libertarianism, keep government out of both pocket and bedroom.  Noahpinion parks the social conservatism debate at the door of gay marriage, after giving a slight nod to Charles Murray’s regrets over loss of social cohesion (“Coming Apart”).  He makes no attempt here at a psychological explanation of what people like Rick Santorum want (unconditional love somewhere, “It takes a family”).  I do try explain it, but Noahpinion gets the visitors and comments (of a volume you would see in a regular newspaper column).

Above, will econ blogging hurt an economist’s career?
I found Noah from a tweet by Tim Lee of Vox.

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