Monday, August 29, 2016

If someone writes something illegal on your Facebook timeline and you don't catch it, could you be legally responsible? I wonder

Once again, someone (a Facebook “frined”) posts something on my Facebook timeline that seems pointless, an ad for sunglasses.  I don’t see the point.  Sometime back, I unfriended someone (female) who posted fictitious tags of me in sexually explicit pictures on my timelines, claiming I had been “there”.  Don’t really see the point.

I do wonder if there could be a legal or TOS liability if someone posted something illegal on one’s timeline (c.p. or terror promotion) and the account owner didn’t see it.  I get emails from notifications, but if I were in a remote area off the grid, I could miss it.
I presume Section 230 would protect me from defamation claims for someone else’s posts (as it does from comments, although I moderate comments on blogs).  On copyright infringement, technically I have to be an “agent” for safe harbor to apply.  And for some specific illegal items (like terror threats) there is no downstream liability protection.

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