Monday, July 04, 2016

A new Facebook profile picture, and "Ephram's inability to change"

I got pestered repeatedly by Facebook to update my profile picture, and so finally I did, with a photo taken on me at an AGLA social on July 1, and got four likes for the new profile.

The old profile has a picture of me at a candlelight service.

Some other remarks:  I understand that some people see organizing others as their mission, their form of activism.  It may be circumscribed by what they do at work, that is also publicly visible.  I generally don’t announce all my activities in advance (security is one reason). I generally don’t go to the same event repeatedly unless something new would happen at a particular occasion (like a meal, or being held in a new venue).
I can remember that in the WB show “Everwood”, starting back in 2002 and running a few years, the piano prodify Ephram (Gregory Smith) wrote an essay that was published for a while on WB’s site for the show, “Ephram’s Fatal Flaw.”  Ephram said that his fatal flaw was his inability to “change”.

So it is with me.  I feel much more pressure to become connected socially, maybe in volunteer activities, to others, in situations where I might have been unwelcome in the past.  I did the kind of work for a living that is often best done individually, and that was very demanding of detail and attention, sometimes putting personal relationships (dating and marriage) on a backburner as a lower priority.  Not everyone would tolerate this.   And I don’t like to be the one to make someone else “all right” if that someone isn’t so, but this remark takes me into a troubling area that will be explored another time.
Section picture  Event with Gregory Smith and Chris Pratt at King of Prussia Mall, PA, August 2005. 

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