Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tribal partisanship dislikes journalistic objectivity: Donald Trump and the "Know-Nothings"

Roger Cohen offers a perspective on “tribal politics” in a column, p. A21 in the New York Times Tuesday May 17, 2016, “To Know Nothing Wins”.  He does start out by talking about the Know-Nothing Party in the 19th Century.

Cohen says this seems to explain how Donald Trump attracts working class white average-Joes and convinced them “ I can take care of you” by keeping “the other” inline.

Cohen points out that a major part of this strategy is to ignore the “other’s” social, political or ethical arguments so that you don’t have to admit that “they” have any.

That has often been the attitude of left-wing based gay activism in the past.  In the 1980s, in Dallas, the right wing mounted an ugly speculative argument about AIDS to try to advance a new sodomy law which thankfully failed anyway.  But the strategy of the Dallas Gay Alliance was to refuse to mention it.

I’m always been a thorn in the side of “partisanships”.  My whole game is to present both sides (like in the “Opposing Viewpoints” book series, Book reviews, Sept 19, 2006) and force the opposing forces to confront each other on substance.  It’s actually about making this idea available and getting the public to demand it.
It if doesn’t pay its own way, Donald Trump might try to stop if he gets elected.

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