Saturday, May 28, 2016

Newspaper association files action with FTC on ad blockers

The Newspaper Association of America has filed a complaint with the FTC regarding the deployment of ad blockers, particularly on mobile devices, link here.

The Washington Post carried a story today by Elizabeth Dwoskin, regarding the practice of “paid whitelisting”, which seems to allow ads to get around blockers, or substitute them.  It sounds like a kind of extortion on the ad industry, upon which Internet business models depend.

I rarely look at ads myself, and find that on some sites (even reputable broadcast sites), ads will take over and prevent the viewing of news content.  I find pop-ups and “continue to site” even on regular corporate sites (Forbes) to be cheesy and time-wasting.  But content has to be paid for somehow.

Update: May 31

The New York Times has a story by Mark Scott, about the concerns Internet companies have about ad revenue, especially from mobile devices, and especially from the developing world where blockers are curiously more common.

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