Monday, May 02, 2016

FBI given new powers for "hacking searches" out of state by SCOTUS

The Supreme Court has approved a new rule that will allow federal judges to issue warrants to the FBI or DOJ to search or hack computers or other devices outside their own physical jurisdiction, under expanded interpretation of what is called Rule 411.  In the past, the device had to be in some kind of transit.  Now the warrant can consider situations of deliberate concealment.

The Atlantic has a story by Matt Ford, explaining the change, and whimsically suggesting that the order would allow searches of servers “on one of Jupiter’s moons” – Europa – or maybe Titan (Saturn), the location of my screenplay.

Curiously, I have a “server” issue myself right now.  Since April 10, I haven’t been able to see the log files for my “” legacy site, on a Windows server (at Verio).  Maybe this is related to a data center migration. But it is not good that theoretically the government could see something relating to my own on the web that I can’t get to right now.

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