Thursday, April 07, 2016

When writers have to make a living with what they get published

Sarah Lyall has a column in “The Arts” in the New York Times, Thursday, April 7, 2016, “Helping writers with a windfall avoid a downfall”.   I haven’t had to “worry” about this, as I had built up reserves from other sources.  But she describes the live of writers on intermittent day jobs (maybe driving for Uber). “peripatetic teaching gigs”, and “one-time grants”.  I’ve even asked, how would I feel about being the financially supportive partner in a “marriage” where the “husband” was the one to compose a piano sonata.  It doesn’t sound too different from the lives of composers looking for commissions.

But the particular story concerned a writer getting a Whiting Award grant of $50,000, over two years (to reduce tax burden).
But, in my days in Minneapolis, the local NWU had all kinds of writers’ groups, but the most contentious was the business writers’ group.  They had to make a living at it.

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