Friday, April 08, 2016

Reddit expands ability to block socially "unwelcome" users as well as trolls

Reddit has expanded its “block user” ability, so that message or forum owners need no longer see replies from persons they see as objectionable.    The concept seems roughly to compare to blocking accounts on Twitter, whose main effect is to stop replies from the user, since public tweets can always be seen if one is simply not logged on.  But this about something more subtle than just “trolling”, stalking or spamming. It’s about unwelcome connectivity.   Anderson Cooper talked about this today on "The View" and said that blocking Twitter accounts just gives some people more ammunition; not sure that I follow.
Farhad Manjoo and Pui-Wing Tam  provided a bigger perspective about “The Internet’s toxic culture” today in the New York Times.   The writers note that the world of subreddits have become haven for extremes in everything.
I haven’t gotten around to using Reddit, because I’ve gotten so busy with what I’ve got.  But it seems to take the place of the forums of the pre-social-media past.

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