Monday, April 11, 2016

My reaction to the advice of other bloggers: here are my plans

I do want to present my updated thoughts on possible restructuring of my entire presence online.

Let me outline the major components of what I publish online. Yes, "I have my" (categories).

Part 1:   E-commerce support, right now limited to four published books.  Right now, this comprises links to outsources e-commerce sites on a specific additional page at “”.
I would like to consider adding direct sales support, which would require user logon (with SSL – https) for purchase of books by credit card or Paypal.  That would probably require a new domain.
But such a domain could also support fund-raising for projects of other people (either books or films) closely related to my own content.  This could include future drives like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. I don’t think that my own personal narrative lends itself to these sources on its own, but it might if connected to or embedded into the work of others on related issues (right now, the “open access” issue might work out this way).

Part 2:  Detailed books support in the way of expanded footnotes and summary tables.  Right now, this is in two places: the legacy “” and the Wordpress site “”, set up as a conventional blog.  This includes music composition support, on my legacy support.

Part 3:  Discussion of my ongoing media projects, including past unpublished manuscripts;  Comments on ongoing projects of others where there is some connection to me;  High-level recap of older media properties (probably reviewed before on my legacy domain) with unusual significance for me is included.  These are on the Wordpress blog “”.

Part 4:  More conventional reviews of movies, books, stage presentations (plays), and music concerts (from the viewpoint of both the music compositions presented and their performance).  These are accomplished by the first five of the sixteen “Blogger” blogs on the left side of the home page for the legacy “”.

Part 5:   News and interpretive commentary.  This is accomplished by the remaining eleven Blogger entries on the left side of the “” home page.

I am considering moving to an operation where most of the new material in Parts 4 and 5 would be entered in two new Wordpress blogs, which might be called something like
“” and “”.

For reviews, this allows easy consolidation of review content for items that have occurred in more than one media.  A separate blog of “cautionary” would no longer be maintained.  Wordpress categories would note the “Blogger” entry that would be used.  Some consolidation would occur;  all the episodes of a television series, for example, would be on just one post.  Most books, films and television or web series chosen for review would need to be of some “substance”.

Categories will show in which media category (as on Blogger) the post would, fit, and perhaps one other major type category.  Tags will show most of the other areas currently labels in Blogger (like names of distribution companies or publishers, directors, authors, actors, etc.)

“News items” would consist mostly of detailed commentary, rather than simply brief regurgitation and links to narrow stories.  For example, there might be a running commentary on “religious freedom laws” in one post but not a separate post for every state that considered such a law.   It’s true that the “controversial issues” page of my legacy “doaskdotell” domain used this concept, and that over time the coverage of some issues (like gay marriage) became obsolete because events moved more quickly than would have been expected, making the approach favored by “Blogger” an easier way to keep up.

I am contemplating putting short “link only” news items on a Facebook page (to supplement my account), but have not completely determined Facebook’s policies on setting up this page.

Categories would show which blog the item would have been posted on, as well as other broad content categories (like “filial responsibility” or “gay marriage” or “downstream responsibility”) Hierarchal categories are likely to be used.

One major advantage of setting up two new Wordpress blogs for all major external media review and news content, separate from my own personal narrative, is that it would be more likely others could collaborate (guest posts, for example).

It still is an open question as to whether content-only blogs really need https (which Google will offer soon on Blogger).  Bluehost says that this limits the size of images, and I’ll have to see if there is a way around this problem.

Another question is what factors influence website safety ratings from companies like Webroot and Kaspersky.  Webroot, for example, seems to penalize for redirection or URL’s and for allowing facetious comments with commercial links.

The two leading companies right now seem to be Blue Host and Dream Host, but that is still not settled.

Use of Blogger might be much less after such a change (which I hope to have done by early May), but corrections would continue to be made, comments monitored, and new narrow postings would be made in specific circumstances.

Here are a few links on the use of categories (like contents) and tags (like an Index) in Wordpress:

First, from Wordpress itself, then from a SEO company, and then from a "themes" site.

My blogging setup will still cast a much broader net than usual.  Most of the common advice on how to monetize blogs involves being quite aggressive, but this works better with very narrow blogs (like a fitness blog that Ramsay Taplin sold as explained here.)  But the issues about security seem to be increasing rapidly,

If I had, for example, a narrowly focused blog on how to win chess games in tournaments with a specific set of openings (oh, like the Sveshnikov Sicilian, maybe) I can see how Ramsay's ideas would play out -- you would attract followers who needed your specific content, and a blog like that could be worth a lot.  Or a site, say, like "", in which the deceased movie critic lives on in the writings of others.

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